Thursday, September 8, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~As I mentioned a few days back, I am doing a major edit on The Explanation. I'm pulling the old Addendum C [Her Prophet Sez It 'Brooklyn Style']. It's kinda cute, but over time it hasn't sat well with me. I'm replacing it with the new Addendum C [The Individual and The Hive], which is about as far away from 'cute' as I can get. You'll note it's stuck all the way over in my DW 'The Temple' account. It's gonna marinade there for a few days.

The thing does make me twitchy. It's a real serious Mosaic barn burner of a piece, one of those that flow out of me when 'The Fire Is Upon My Spirit' but frankly embarrasses me later when I read it in a 'normal head-space', whatever the fuck that is. But I Know that there is Truth there, so I just go with it.

I'm also shifting the present Addendum D [The Temple's Flag] back to becoming Addendum E to make way for Addendum D [The Matriarchal Calendar], which is still being written. In fact, once I post this, I'm going back to work upon that. Of course this will mean I'll have to repost the entire Explanation in it's Blogspot, but such are the burdens of being Her Prophet. They should all be so 'tough'.

And so it is....

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