Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nebs Sez [9/11 Trutherism]

"No radio controlled aircraft. No secret demolitions. That's all Hollywood fantasy bullshit. Too expensive, too manpower intensive and far too complicated. Too many moving parts that could fuck up and too many mouths to shut afterward. That's not how real Intel-Ops work.

We have plenty of people who hate our fucking guts and often for good reason. All that was really required was to 'leave the door open'. Shift resources and manpower away from Anti-Terrorist Ops. Ignore all the warning signs. And then just wait.

Bu$hCo was probably expecting something at best on the scale of Oklahoma City. That would have been sufficient for their purposes, the full implementation of The Corporate State. What they got was beyond their wildest dreams and I suspect actually overwhelmed them. It certainly fueled their hubris.

But anyway...I suspect that when the various 9/11 Truther rumblings began, Langley simply sent some of its people to feed to them and muddy the waters with more Hollywood fantasy. It provides a great cover for the simple truth of the original Op and discredits an entire sector of the govt's critics.

There is also a racist subtext to this concept. That there's no way a dozen or so 'sand niggers' could hurt America this badly. A secret US Govt cabal with High Tech goodies is far more comforting. 'They' could never ever do this to us; we're far too strong and special. So we must have done it to ourselves."

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