Thursday, September 15, 2011


~My tum has been wobbly since yesterday morning, ouchy-gassy and vaguely nauseous. Not debilitating, just 'eh'. It sorta comes and goes. I'm thinking it's likely stress related. I've been pushing myself with these two new Addenda since last week after a particularly stressful month.

Then there was the lovely triple-month phone bill from AT&T Le-Le shared with me on Monday. [the result of 'consolidating accounts to save money'..they nail you up front first, the fuckers] That has fucked a whole set of plans for this month.

And Saturday it'll be eight years since shit blew up at Hotel Hell, an old wound that still 'aches when the weather changes'. I suspect I'm gonna take that one with me to my grave.

*sigh* Feel like I'm just whining, though I know I need to let this shit out or it will take me to said grave sooner rather than later...yadda yadda yadda...

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