Thursday, July 28, 2011


~Goddess Fuck, I'm in a foul humor. This LJ bullshit isn't helping, but it's not the cause. There are 'personal matters' that I won't air publicly because they're, well... personal.

But they manifested in Family Rejection Dreams, which always leave me drained, depressed and angry. These were the worst of that variety, where they redesign the Ice Palace – the brownstone in which I grew up – in such a way as to literally physically exclude me from living there.

I wasn't really ready to get up, but that shit made it the better option. Now that I've caffeinated, supplemented, medicated, eaten and ranted, I'll take a nap to 'reset'. *sigh*

I sure the fuck hope that works. I've become far too used to being comfortable in my own skin to sit with this fucking feeling. /ack

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