Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life in The Desert - Fourth of July Edition

~The day started off pretty much the same as the preceding days; cool in the early morning and hotter and hotter toward afternoon, reaching 105ish by 4pm. But around that time I could start hearing some 'rumbling'. I was watching Breaking Bad Season Two and ignoring the little pool party next door, so I didn't pay it no never mind.

But a summer shower started at around ten after four, which did get my attention. And it came down hard, even causing a brief flicker in the electricity. As I expected, it started to fade after fifteen minutes or so. That is their usual cycle.

Not this one however. After fading to light rain for a few, the sky then opened up and the metaphor is apt; the rain and wind turned monsoonal, lashing at the earth with a fury, gusts to sixty MPH. And within a minute or two, hail was added to the mix.

That racket woke Le-Le up. Freaked out the cats, too. They all ran in her room. She got up and came out onto the porch to watch it with me. The power went out again this time and stayed out.

The wind was such that the porch was largely dry. So we tucked ourselves into the corner by the door and just watched its fury, which continued unabated for a good half an hour. The sky was solid gray, lit up by lighting and shaken by thunder. It was a hell of a show. Our little street was flooded nearly edge to edge, with all manner of debris rushing by.

By five it slacked off, but a fairly good rain kept going for another half hour. And the power remained out until nearly seven. As it was 'close' in the house, we just sat out on the porch until then.

The whole thing kinda tuckered me out, so once we had fans and AC again, I was back in the rack. Got up at 11ish because I was hungry and needed to supplement and medicate. Le-Le said she was pretty tired too, which she thought strange as thunder storms usually invigorate her.

But this one was so furious and violent I think it drained us instead. She went to bed around one and I followed soon after. I was up at 9ish, but she's still sleeping.

We stayed sealed up all night with the AC on. As it cycled intermittently, I kept the fans going in my window. It never fully cooled off and, as you might expect, was very humid. We'll see what today brings as more thunderstorms are predicted.

And that is just about that...

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