Friday, July 8, 2011

Quote of The Day

"Just for the sake of argument, there is gone, and there is dead, and there is dead and gone, but there is also dead and not gone: I spent all day with F. Scott Fitzgerald, who’s been dead for more than seventy years, but is less “gone,” in terms of affect, than me or almost anybody likely to be reading this paragraph.

That’s one reason for writing, or having children, or scrawling your name on something that will outlast you, like a wet new sidewalk or the Declaration of Independence.

Similarly, there are 6.93 billion people on this planet who are less real to me than old Scott. They’re not “gone,” but they’re not “here.”" ~Joe Haldeman

I commented: "And after posting this as a Quote of The Day on three different platforms, it occurred to me that some will get their knickers in a twist over this fairly straight forward observation and accuse you of sixteen various types of evil 'isms'. After all, We Are The World and all that conscience salving marketing noise."

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