Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nebs Sez

"This is a very Middle Class world view, that things are naturally Stable and Balanced, that humans are not inherently violent, but need to be 'violentized', a nonsensical Academic phrase if there ever was one. That process is simply one of breaking down the social conditioning to 'behave and know your place' in the greater social order.

But Nature is not Stable and Balanced; it is Dynamic and Violent. The Rich and The Poor understand this. That is how The Rich stay on top and The Poor survive from day to day. And the denial of that reality is at the core of why The Middle Class are now being destroyed.

One can see how that social conditioning – a product of our innate need for Hierarchy by the way – manifests in Stanley Milgram's work. And how we can so easily slip into violence in Phillip Zimbardo's work.

Again, I'm not saying that Females are 'gentle and sweet'. Only that they are generally and collectively less violent than Males and for different reasons. I have pointed out that paradigm using serial killers. Males outnumber their Female counterparts by a factor of ten to one. Males kill out of a need to sexually dominate, a distortion of their primal drive. Females kill for almost exclusively financial reasons, again a distortion of their primal drive.

Even Aileen Wornos, the most notorious Female serial killer, followed that pattern. Her first kill was out of survival and was almost certainly a serial killer himself, a classic 'whore hunter'. But while driven by her anger, the rest of her kills were basically about acquiring material goods to further a romantic relationship.

That we as a species are naturally Violent and Hierarchical is of course an anathema to 'modern liberal sensibilities', which are predominantly Middle Class. That thinking is the main reason the Radical Right has come to dominate politics in this era. They believe it, though their tendency is to take that to its self destructive extreme, which will be their undoing.

But by then The Middle Class will be largely extinct, though they hopefully will have served their purpose as a transitional class.

What I proclaim is that our choice as a species is either between the triumph of an essentially fascist Global Corporate Combine – which is pure Patriarchy – a path to near extinction as a species at best or total extinction at worst. Or the New Matriarchy as proposed by my Spirit Guide. That there are other paths is certainly possible, but none of them seem at all likely, especially as they all seem informed by nonsense such as the above conceit that we humans can ever be 'nice'." ..a comment on Layo's post

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