Monday, May 30, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Ruminates Upon 'Stage Two' Of The First Karaal

...this is a condensed, near term version of what I speak of in Her Prophet Explains: Part Four - "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives"...

~Okay, let's start with a couple of cliches; in this I'm going to 'get down to brass tacks' and 'put my cards on the table' here, so pay attention, my Sisters; this one is Important.

I do tend to bitch and moan a lot about my frustration about getting The Temple going in a meaningful way blah blah blah, etc. So now I'm going to lay out what the present situation is and my ideas and plans for moving forward from that space.

Let's begin with what I call Stage One, which is this house and its household, an 1800 sq ft double -wide mobile home in a mobile home park roughly eighty miles north of Los Angeles. It contains Her Prophet, Sister One, an assortment of cats, lots of computers and way too much remnants of two previous households, boxes, furniture, 'knickknacks', etc. It is however roomy and comfy and only needs a bit of spring cleaning.

Yes, we are 'out in the middle of nowhere', which has its pluses and minuses. On the down side, it is the boondocks and has no night life to speak of [small business opportunity!]. On the up side, it's pretty quiet and folks leave you alone [we can 'do stuff' and be ignored].

I have been finessing our finances in such a way that we should be able to afford incorporation as a religious 501(c)(3) within the next twelve months or so. That is the first major step.

What is then needed is a few Domme Sisters who believe in this Work enough to commit to coming out here and help 'fund raise'. In essence – and fully consistent with The Temple's stated goal of Female Supremacy – we will build our foundation upon the backs of male subs. And we will do such in a totally legal fashion.

I quote here from Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven - “Summation”:

"Inside The Temple...will be a select number of like minded men, who shall be called Korettes [koor-et-teez]

Korettes are named after the ancient Greek Goddess Kore', sometimes known as Persephone. Kore' has also been known as a Triple Goddess, Her Three Aspects being Persephone [maiden], Demeter [mother], Hecate [crone]. Korettes is an ancient term itself, translating both as "Sons of Kore" and "Male Servants of Kore".

I suspect that many of The Korettes will be the 'property' of The Temple's Domme Sisters, some powerful out in the world when not wearing their Collar, some full time-live in slaves residing in, and directly serving, The Temple itself. This will also provide a useful alternative model of the male's role for the girls growing up in The Temple.

This form of Female Supremacy will differ greatly from that practiced by many 'professional Dommes' in that is not a game, but a true Life Path. The 'pro's, for the most part, just 'do a job'. They are Service Providers, not real practitioners of Female Supremacy, and so the exercise is merely a pantomime, that when done, relegates those Dommes 'back into the shadows'.

Those Sisters in The Temple who follow The Path of The True Domme will never be that type of 'employee' of Patriarchy."

Therefore True Dommes will never be 'paid for their services', aka prostitution, because that type of cash-for-service exchange, even if it became legal, runs totally counter to The Temple's operating principles as it makes Sisters servants of men. In our model of the world it is The Male who must Serve.

The ways in which our Domme Sisters will make them Serve will vary with each Male. Some may Serve by simply donating their time and energy to help build that which The Temple needs. Others may Serve by acquiring material things The Temple needs and Gifting them [tax deductible of course]. Some will actually come under The Temple's roof and become Initiated Korettes, devoting their lives and property fully to The Temple.

Certainly The Temple will need non-Domme Sisters [at least not full timers] to help us build this thing, to come here and get jobs and pursue careers [Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Social Workers and Cops being the optimal tracks for our early goals] and start small businesses and operate our various foundations, all of this being done with the support of The Sisterhood by providing Community, which means room and board, help in finding resources and financing, etc, not just saying 'you go girl'.

But first The Temple will need some land and four to six more double-wides to put on that land [even good ones are cheap as shit these days] and so on. That will be early Stage Two. And I firmly believe that at first this will be largely acquired via the contributions of submissive males. And rightly so. It is past time for The Male To Pay Up.

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