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A Comment That Would Not Fit

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“While reading the above, some of you may have asked, 'why does an entire civilization need a single Spiritual Path?'

Part of that answer is quite simple; we, The Temple of The Pentavalence, were created with the goal of utterly transforming human civilization as it presently stands and we were created is this
form because history has shown over and over and over again that a Spiritual Path is the single most effective and long lasting method of achieving such a total transformation.

Such a total transformation is required because, as stated above, the human species is clearly in trouble. And there is another answer to the question, 'why does an entire civilization need a single Spiritual Path?'

The answer is, “In order to guide a Triple Economy.”

In his prescient volume, Small is Beautiful, E.F. Schumacher made the observation that there was both a Primary Economy, which consists of what 'nature' provides, what Capitalism would call 'raw materials', and a Secondary Economy, which is the actual production of 'finished goods' from said raw materials.

More than three decades later, J.M. Greer expanded upon this paradigm by the keen observation that there is a Tertiary Economy, one which manipulates the first two. He is speaking purely of Industrial Capitalism as his writing comes in the post-Soviet era, but it's clear that Soviet Communism was just as much a Tertiary Economic Model as Capitalism. It simply reached its End Game first.

In laying out the framework for an Economic Model for The New Matriarchy, we shall utilize [and modify] a number of the ideas of Schumacher, and to a lesser extent, Greer, though we shall also reject portions of these ideas because they are both Cultural Minimalists and Neo-Luddites, positions we strongly believe to be anti-survival for reasons which will shortly be made clear.

First, we believe it necessary to make some change in terminology. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary are all a bit too vague. They refer to the order of things, but not their content. So, we have renamed them and begun to expand upon their definition.

The Primary or “Natural” Economy:

The phrase Natural Economy is more evocative of the meaning intended, the resources available in Nature. It needs to be pointed out however that Nature is not limited to this world alone, that the Universe has vast resources as well. But we shall stay with Natural Economy as 'universal economy' could be confused with other constructs.

The Secondary or “Productive” Economy:

This really covers everything, all goods and services, from Geppetto cobbling a single pair of shoes in his workshop to the vast machinery of ConAgra harvesting twenty million acres in the American heartland. Hopefully, one day it will include things like an industrial complex at El Five and the mining of the Asteroid Belt.

The Tertiary or “Conceptual” Economy:

This is the part that does not actually exist in solid reality, hence “Conceptual”. It could also be called the “Ideological” Economy. It is dangerous in that it is not constrained by real world factors like the first two, at least not until those real world factors make themselves known and usually in a catastrophic manner, like bursting of various financial bubbles, or, in the case of the Soviet Union, a system wide operational failure of the Construct itself.

Therefore, The Triple Economy is the combined paradigms of the Natural, Production, and Conceptual Economies.

It is in the area of the Conceptual Economy that the economy of this New Matriarchy shall first take shape, on a small scale to begin with, but ultimately expanding throughout the globe and then, Goddess willing, out into The Universe itself.

For most of the Modern Era, roughly the last five hundred years, two Conceptual Economies have dominated. Broadly speaking they can be called the Collectivist/ Egalitarian Construct [Socialism, Communism, Social Democracy, etc] and the Individualist/Elitist Construct [Capitalism, Imperialism, Liberal Democracy, etc].

Both have existed in human societies since the beginning of history, but were always subordinated to some other social, political, and/or theological paradigm. It is only in the Modern Era that they emerged to operate in their own right.

Obviously these constructs are very powerful and dynamic though neither has completely edged out the other. The most successful systems have proved to be a balanced combination of the two, though achieving that is not as easy as it sounds.

And each of them had a fatal flaw. Ultimately, at their most fundamental level, they are based upon Self Centered Materialism, the paradigm of “Three Hots and a Cot.”

To the Cold and the Hungry, that is certainly a most attractive paradigm. And therein lays much of the power of each construct, and that dynamic can carry a society for a number of generations.

But at some point it hits what could be called an 'existential wall'. When all ones basic needs are met – food, shelter, survival – and then all ones less basic needs are met – luxury, comfort, indulgence – then what? Here we encounter the issues delineated in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. After all the above needs have been satisfied, there are the Spiritual Needs, the need to find and understand the purpose of our existence, the “Why Are We Here?” issue.

Soviet Communism collapsed because they not merely failed to answer this question, they rejected it outright. In the end, the people's of the Soviet Empire rejected that rejection and without the use - once again - of the Iron Fist, the whole edifice came crashing down. Without any real Purpose, the Will to Repress had failed along with the Will to Endure.

Western Industrial Capitalism seemed to thrive with its “Three Hots and a Cot plus a Wide Screen TV” paradigm. But that requires a level of consumption and exploitation that has proven to be unsustainable and the End Game for that is now upon us with a vengeance.

Plus neither Construct ever fielded a Greater Purpose that its citizens were fully inspired by in the long term, with the result being Apathy, Anger, and Addition on a massive scale, the attempt by hundreds of millions to fill that Existential Void.

And now a general Collapse is upon us, Social, Economic, Physical, Spiritual, not the total breakdown that some predict – and even long for – but significant enough to be quite painful and possibly contain the seeds of a larger and more complete Collapse further down the line.

For our survival, we must do two practical things; get our heavy industry off of the surface of this planet, Gaea, our home, our Mother.. They are wounding Her. And we must reduce our overall numbers. We are suffocating Her. Trust me, if we do not do this ourselves, Gaea will do it for us. She has in fact already begun to do so.

The above ideologies, both Religious and Economic, are utterly incapable of first task, Industry Up, for reasons of Greed, Political Short Sightedness, and Theological Blindness. Such an undertaking would not generate the obscene profit margins that Capitalism requires, would demand a Focus and Effort beyond any Election Cycle, and fly in the face of all End Times Thinking.

The second task, Population Down, would encounter vast resistance across the board. “Whose population must go down?” would be the cry. Every nation, race, polity, etc would point their fingers at every other and scream “Racism!” or “Genocide!” or whatever they thought would apply or give them the most psycho-political traction.

But what does any of this have to do with the establishment of a New Matriarchy?”

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