Monday, May 23, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Whines And Says Fuck A Lot

~I had fun Trollin' The Rapture on Saturday, but I think it kinda [small 'd'] depressed me. You know, once again having my worst suspicions about most of my fellow humans confirmed, that they are fucking stupid and scared sheep who can be tricked into anything by just about any bullshit artist with a good spiel.

I see that on 'the other side of the isle' too, with shit like The Secret and the various New Age Gurus who promise World Peace if you just Think About It Hard Enough and then charge a young fucking fortune for books and workshops to teach people how to Think About It Hard Enough.

Both types, the Fundies and the New Agers are just repackaging Existential Fear as You Need to Believe Harder, which merely says, "You're not trying hard enough" e.g. 'you're failing'. Both types tell you to 'look Elsewhere' [and they always Know The Way] and ignore the Here and Now. They have no Real World Solutions, just ephemeral money making scams that also stroke their fucking massive egos. [hey, being a Living Godhead is a fucking sweet know for sure the Little Godhead gets lots of attention]

I certainly know what twists my panties is that I'm doing my damnedest to find Sisters who will really Learn what I am tasked to Teach and then LEAD, not merely follow and so far am having only very modest success and even that is fucking tentative at this point. [yeah I know it would help if could finish that fucking book already*]

This is one of those days when I wish I could simply Smile and Blow Smoke Up Your Collective Rectum. It seems that is what most really want. ["Please tell us what to do, O'Great and Glorious Guru!"] And when they find out what I'm asking requires Real Thought and Real Action, that I'm not selling a Nice Neat Package that they can do in X number of Easy Steps, that they might actually have to Deal with Unpleasant Shit, they fucking punk.

Of course I can't run that kind of All You Need Is Love bullshit. All of my Inner Work has utterly ruined me for such a gig. And ain't that a fuckin' hoot? And obviously I'm not going to give up. I'll 'hide out' for a few days, but this Path is now My Life and the only way off is Death.

There, that last line sounded pretty fucking Prophetish, eh? Might be hope for me yet. *nasty smirk*

*I first typed 'find' instead of 'finish'. Interesting, eh?

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