Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Once Again Clarifies His Purpose

~I say in various places - the frontispiece of The Explanation most prominently - that “every single day I do something that brings the manifestation of that Vision [of a Global Amazon Republic] closer to fruition.”

Some days that consists of little more than just getting out of bed and thinking about the thing. Given my own Damage, that is the case all too often, which is merely one more reason why Le-Le and I need more Sisters to come and take up this Work.

That is also the primary source of my displeasure with The Sister Formerly Known As Two. I just said to her that my real focus “is ultimately all Sisters who will join us upon this path. I had hoped that you were one of them, which is the reason I gave you such much of my time and energy. That you were not, and likely never had been, was the primary source of my feelings of failure; I had failed The Sisterhood.”

I ended the relationship not because of the sex, which was pretty damned good, or because of her emotional state, which was getting worse by the minute, but because it had become abundantly clear that she was never ever going to focus upon The Temple and had likely never had any intention of doing so.

Even now she still makes noise about Le-Le and I being merely 'a couple' and totally ignores the Greater Goal. I suspect I'm going to run into a lot of that, women focusing on me while trying to blow smoke up my ass about 'sisterhood'. *sigh*

And there is another reason we need more Sisters to come and help us with this Work; they would be another barrier to those kinds of women, faux-sisters looking for 'a Daddy to fix them'. Not is not my fucking job.

In that regard THIS is my job; “Use the Presence and Voice of Her Prophet as a Substitute, a being upon which you may transfer all your issues with the actual Authority of The Male. Have no doubt that he will surrender all that power back to you fully and without reservation. I know his heart and he does not truly want to keep that power.” ...from Her Prophet Explains: Part One - "Her Prophet"

I understand how some can get confused, but the above is in part about 'working through Daddy Issues', not about me actually being your Daddy. Even if my hoped for daughters are one day born, they'll need to be raised by The Sisterhood far more than by me. I should be the Fading Patriarch off in the background and the Sisters all around them the ones that give them the love and support they need and be the role models to follow.

Meantime, another day is passing and I have done what I am able do to 'bring the manifestation of that Vision closer to fruition' while praying that it is enough.

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