Saturday, April 30, 2011


~After hanging all night watching everything but that fucking wedding – my last 'Royal Event' was Diana's funeral – I went to bed at 11am. Slept until around 6ish.

And I started writing right after I brushed my hair, before I even washed my face. I hammered away at it non-stop, even though I went to the store in between, and didn't even boot up my comp until I finished it about a half an hour ago.

I'm fucken fried. Had to lay on my bed for ten minutes after the last bit. Neck hurts. Sinuses trashed. Oy...

I'm putting it aside for at least an entire other sleep cycle. But a good first draft is done. If you're ambitious, it's Point C which you can find in the second part of "Stories and Works". [you can tell I'm toast by the lack of hyperlinks lol]

Now, I fuck off....

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