Sunday, April 3, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~Regarding The Sisterhood Training, I've gotten up the last two days and done 'a bit more' each time. I think it's done for now, as in 'completed enough to move on'. I am especially pleased with this; “Victim Feminism is a handmaiden of Patriarchy and it will take a Sisterhood of Amazon Warrior Priestesses to truly extirpate such a deeply embedded and self defeating paradigm.”

I'm still going to let a sit another day before I move on. Just in case.

As I have been stuck on the 'stories portion' of The Explanation [HERE and HERE] I believe it a good idea to review all the didactic elements once again. I had planed to do that anyway and so I shall move on it while the Spirit is with me.

No 'writer's blues' so far. I suspect they have been overridden by the sheer intimidation I feel in the face of the entire concept, the staggering madness of the thing. *insane laughter*

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