Wednesday, April 27, 2011


~Not much Pen to Paper besides Political Snark and Meta-Trolling. I'm just letting myself drift in that regard and whatever's bubbling on the back-burner can bloody well bubble. I'm not forcing shit right now.

~This has been a oddly mellow Retrograde, though not without the usual bumps. I feel like things really are going to work out well, which always makes me nervous as fuck. The Family System did a real good job fucking me up, ya know? Anyway, Mercury 'stabilizes' on Sunday, though we're in The Shadow until May 11th. [Source]

~Had a whole series of dreams where myriad lines of this bright yellow/white Latinate text would stream and hover on an 'infinite black' background, all while shimmering in an alternating outline of red and blue. I could tell it was communicating Something Important, but as is usual in such cases, I could not understand.

These 'texting events' would take place intermittently in between other more complex and often quite vivid Dreamings. I clearly remember one where Gotham [my NYC Dreamscape] had been highly Romanized. *laughs* Given how much I've steeped myself in Ancient Roman these past few weeks, that's an easy interpretation. It looked amazingly beautiful, too.

~All manner of interface with many of you, my Sisters. 'Interesting Times', as the Chinese say. *snork*

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