Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nebs Rejects 'Hope'

~Today's ugly event in Madison does not truly surprise me. And it is why I have been very tentative in my 'enthusiasm' regard Wisconsin etc. I know perfectly well what these evil sons-of-bitches – The Corporate State to call the thing by its True Name – are capable of and are prepared to do to get their outcome. And The Corporate State is unified, well funded and controls many of the levers of Power.

The People, as such, stand very little chance against The Corporate State short of violent total revolution and I suspect such is not going to happen, not yet anyway. If it got to that point, The Corporate State would likely throw a few bones to The People until they calmed down and then, after some short interval, they'd begin again.

The People, as such, do not have that capacity. Too diverse. Too divided. Too dependent. The Corporate State will always outlast them and will grind them down over time. Just look at the past three decades.

Therefore, I have to 'reject hope', yet still do my Work and keep maintaining my own peculiar brand of 'hopefulness', all while the social fabric steadily unravels across the entire Republic and The Corporate State tightens its grip both here and around the world.

And I wonder why I some times have trouble sleeping....

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