Sunday, March 27, 2011


~I'm an old fart with a number of afflictions, so I down a lotta pills and such. And sometimes me gulliver just says, “Fuck you!”

I woke up feeling fine earlier, but about half way through my banana and a third through my coffee, my guts just flared up. I wound up shitting and puking simultaneously. Ay haz a bukket, so the puke didn't go on the bathroom floor.

I lay down for a bit and then finished the rest of my coffee and banana and had a piece of toast. Then I went back to bed.

I'm kinda wrung out. I am that a lot these days. Got the ol' Existential Dread going on. At least it ain't of the Nameless variety. I know what's drivin' it.

Gonna do my best to chill a day or so, though my fuckin' Brāne tends to be uncooperative in the Chillin' Dept. *sigh*

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