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Nebs Sez

...I was going to post this as a comment on Are trades unions out to destroy American society?..but it got too big and probably too provocative for its original audience...

"It's “Right Wing crap” because it is a collection of half truths and out right lies labeled with an alarmist headline which has become the standard political battering ram of the Right.

“Are trades unions out to destroy American society?” is a framing statement posing as a question cut from the same cloth as “When did you stop beating your wife?” and is a clear red flag that what follows will be propaganda. To address 'dad29's' comment, “Trades” is added to mentally encompass ALL Unions, which is the true outcome of such Corporate propaganda.

Union members have had National Guard machine guns aimed at them in living memory. But that looks bad to the general public. Better to demonize them, ship their 'overpaying jobs' overseas and let all the evil things Corporations have done slide down the Memory Hole. “Oh, did you see who's on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight?”

In the Capitalist System The Corporation [Capital] and The Union [Labor] are natural enemies. Corporations have always hated Unions because they cut into both their profits and their prerogatives. Unions have always hated Corporations because they tend to use human beings as interchangeable and disposable, which in Capitalism they are.

Over the last thirty years – since the Reagan administration to be precise - The Corporations have been working on rolling back the worker's rights that Unions won; the 40 hour week, overtime, collective bargaining, health benefits, the list goes on. Many of these are considered 'American rights' without any realization of how many Union workers suffered and died to win them.

You realize that some Republican jackass was been making noise that child labor laws are unconstitutional? He got shut up real quick. “For The Children” is still way too valuable a hammer for that bit of the Corporate Mask to drop away. Yet. Besides, there are plenty of exploitable little brown children overseas for such to be needed here. Yet.

As I have said elsewhere, "American mass democracy is already dead. The Corporate State is completing its march to Victory. Then it too will die, drown in its own short sighted stupidity. What will follow? Who can say? But I'll put down 'good money' that the Transition is gonna be a real bitch."

At this point both the Republicans and the Democrats are largely funded by Corporations. The primary difference is that the Republicans have nearly all of the Theocrat Culture Warriors in their ranks to be used as 'shock troops' in their electoral battles. It they who are the most energized by headlines like the above. They are largely older and white and lower middle class/working poor/retired [their REAL angst is 'havin' a nigger in the White House'...and I consider the phrase 'the N Word' even more obscene than the word itself] and feel like they are 'losing their America'.

Well, they ARE losing 'their America'. They have lost The Culture Wars over the last two decades or so – women's reproductive rights and gay rights primarily plus all those 'dark' faces on TV – and they're now mostly acting as 'kamikazes' for The Corporate State in its battle for Total Control. Hence ridiculous bills like the one that outlaws using your income tax rebate to pay for an abortion. Such a bill is DOA, but it 'galvanizes the base'.

So, a Union official says, “We need to destroy JP Morgan Chase.” Of course, the Right will not think of that as a 'political metaphor' like say “Second Amendment solutions,” because the Right DOES mean shooting those it disagrees with; “They're SINNERS and TRAITORS!”

That JP Morgan Chase may actually need to be crushed makes the statement even more volatile, in that the very name evokes the greatest of the Robber Barons, men who used private armies [Pinkertons, the 19th Century Blackwater] and Nation Guard troops to crush their restive workers.

And yes, Wall Street does need to broken. It practices Casino Economics and the last time it came up 'snake eyes' in Sept '08, it destroyed $14 TRILLON in American wealth. Pension funds, private and public, were gutted. Millions of our middle class were broken and entire communities wiped out. 64% of Florida's houses are sitting empty as of last month. Yet even now those criminals still prosper while the rest of us struggle to survive.

You're probably waiting for some paean to the Glories of Socialism to emerge from this. Well, I am not going there. The following are quotes from my own writing on the subject:

“We have tried everything, from monarchies to republics, capitalism to socialism, democracy to dictatorship, and yet we as a species come up the same result every single time: oppression, violence, destruction, and chaos. I say if you want to change the outcome, you have to change the equation.

And the equation is very simple. It can be summed up in four words: “It's A Man's World.”...

...So far, no one has presented a solution that will not be undermined by insistent masculine egotism. Think that through. Conceive of your paradigm and then place it into the world. What is the first obstacle that it encounters? Someones political, economic, and/or theological interest. Examine the fundamentals of that opposing interest. If you are really honest, you'll find threatened masculine ego, individually and collectively.”

“The fact of it is that The Male is primarily driven by his Cock. I know. I have one. It doesn't drive me like it used to when I was young, but much of that hard wired 'the universe revolves around my dick' thinking/feeling is still there...and my brothers are all pretty much the same. Only a number of harsh life experiences have shifted my personality, experiences that are not generally available to most men, or, for that matter, necessarily even survivable.

This drive has worked for us as a species for a long time, though the cost has been high. A brief review of history of history will quickly reveal the nature of that cost. Ramses III. Darius. Alexander. Caesar. Charlemagne. Louis XIV. Napoleon. Lenin. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Tremendous strides were made, but the body count was huge and hundreds of cities burned.”

“The male is unbalanced by the lost memory of his femaleness, which is also the deep foundation of his castration fears. He strives for control because his ‘becoming male’ in his mother’s womb creates an unquenchable need to ‘become’ something else, but this ultimately only makes him Other and separate from the feminine All of Creation.

The male’s unquenchable need to ‘become’ has created this powerful Patriarchal Civilization which has perpetrated many hideous evils while simultaneously being the source of much Great Good. However, this civilization has become extremely ‘over- balanced’ and the evils at its core threaten to destroy all its Great Good. The obvious solution is to create a new balance.

To create this new balance requires The End of The Male. His present necessity as ‘the depositor of seed’ will soon be over as Patriarchal Science itself creates the tools for women to fertilize each other. Women certainly have the Masculine Energy needed to maintain and nurture the positive fruits of this Patriarchal Civilization, while holding its worst aspects at bay.”

This is the core of my Work and the future I strive toward, which you can glimpse here:

Note this all comes from a large and aggressive white middle class male. Of course, you will violently reject this paradigm...and that's okay; we're the past and reading one's obit is usually not a pleasant thing."

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