Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nebs Sez

"I've had a number of arguments with folks who believe in 'this conspiracy' or 'that cabal'. While I'm quite certain there are various factions who control 'some things', I seriously doubt that any One Faction Controls Everything. The type of personality that engages in such undertakings is always 'seeking more' and there will always be infighting among the powerful and Faction A displacing Faction B and so on.

I have begun to strongly suspect that The Hologram, aka Modern Corporate Marketing Culture, has become so seamless and omniscient that even most of those who ostensibly run the thing are themselves in its thrall and that now no one is really in charge. The beast moves forward under it's own mindless momentum, a Zombie Consumerist Skynet.

And that is a far more terrifying thing than any Vast Evil Conspiracy. With the latter at least someone would be in control."

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