Saturday, October 16, 2010

Addict? Asshole? Dooshnozzle?

~So, this morning America Blog had The Stones cover of “Sister Morphine” and I thought that'd be an appropriate way to acknowledge the last day that I got stoned. [so far...that's why we do this thing One Day At A Time ya know] And that's all I did; post a vid and say 'sixteen years since I got stoned'.

And [info]saint_boner came over from one of two friends LJ's and says, “This year sometime marked my 44th anniversary smoking pot. peace out.”

Yeah, that annoyed me, but I've been nudgy for the past week anyway. And like most things of that nature, it got me thinking. Not gnashing my teeth or anything; just thinking. It's what I do.

Clearly, this was Reactive Hostility. If one of y'all had said something like I'd figured yer being a wiseass because friends get to fuck with each other like that and most of you have intuited that I wear my Sobriety loosely. I do not need anyone else to stay Sober in order for me to stay Sober. [see AA bumper: It's An Inside Job]

So this person saw my post and felt the need to come over here and make a dumb remark which he had not earned the right to make, aka he 'reacted with hostility'. Sure, it is just minor stupidity, but what was the point? Obviously, my Statement of Sobriety bugged him.

For such to happen, he has to be in one or more states of being. As it was clearly Reactive Hostility, I'd say Asshole is a given.

But the content of the comment indicates the possibility of Addict. I say 'possibility' because I'm not of the Step Nazi School that says anyone who uses any substance is a drunk and/or dope fiend. I'd say most who do are not. That is because I know it is about The Thinking, not the substance or the behavior: 'how does your using affect your thinking?'

In that context, I'd lean toward Addict as well. But I cannot say for sure. Only the individual can really make that call. What 'leans me' is that he felt the need to make that particular comment upon that particular post. This indicates to me that his pot smoking has been brought up as a possible addictive behavior and my addressing my Sobriety annoyed him. See? The Thinking that leads to the behavior is the key.

Of course, he could just be one of those clowns who reflexively hate me. But again, we go to the 'Thinking that leads to the behavior'. They see Nebris and they respond automatically regardless of the content or context. That is also 'addictive behavior'.

Plus that would would qualify him as a Dooshnozzle too. lol

And there you have it....

PS Just for the record, it is utterly clear to me that the War on [Some] Drugs is a global disaster and I favor legalization of everything, even meth. I say Regulate, Tax, and Treat.

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