Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Text

E says: "Everything in Creation, which is simply a name for all the myriad universes and dimensions that exist, have existed, and will exist, and which, of course, all exist simultaneously, everything therein is Energy. The key to this is all is that Matter gives Energy Form, Focus, and most importantly, Purpose. Without Matter nothing does. 'Transcendence', therefor, is something of a con game, as are the theo-ideologies that use it as a 'foundation'."

My Operating Principal really has to be about recruiting the Willing and not trying to convert the Unwilling. While the latter clearly outnumber the former at this point, to be governed by that is to operate from Scarcity. It is to believe that there will never be enough of those who are Willing to do the Work necessary, or to make the changes that need to be made, in order to manifest the Vision that has been given. Such a mindset is obviously self defeating and must be consistently eschewed.”

~E says, "This is the day when we, the beings who rule this world, and have no doubt that we do 'rule', when we have decided that the Doors Between Worlds shall open. There are Other Days like this one, but here, on this continent, resides the Culture who's Vibration overwhelms all other 'lesser' Vibrations. And so This Day is the one that predominates. Think upon that as you travel through This Day. As a species, we Create, and Re-Create, our own Reality on a day to day basis. And I say We, because my Ancestors and yours are now One. Think upon that, as well." [this is in regards to Halloween]

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