Sunday, September 26, 2010

Facing The Page

~I've posted this unfinished piece called “Alliance” over on E Speaks. It's the one that I've been going fucking batshit over for two months now, more batshit than I usually am and that's pretty fucking batshit, ya know.

There are two other unfinished pieces that are also tormenting me, but “Alliance” is the one that's really fucking with my head. The concept sat for nearly half a year, a collection of hand written notes. Then, in the beginning of August, it suddenly burst out of me onto the page and seemed to be racing toward the finish line.

But then I had a bunch of IRL stuff come up that needed my attention and the thing stopped dead. What is presently posted on E Speaks is all that made it to the page. And I cannot seem to get going again.

It's driving me fucking nuts. This thing – and the other two – are like fucking ghosts. They whisper tantalizing details from a dark corner or just behind me, but when look right at them, the vanish.

I suppose writing about one's future self in the third person would make anyone crazy. And, to complicate matters, materiel for The Imperium has been pouring out of my head like Niagara Falls...and you know where that leads. lol

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