Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Her Prophet Reflects

~I was just reading this piece on increasing Baby Boomer suicides that [info]darksumomo posted in The Recession. It got me thinking of course; that's my demographic.

Yes, it made me sad, especially the comments about women who are getting 'dumped out' of the workforce. Such adds to my sense of urgency regarding The Temple. A major part of our work is about creating a livelihood for our Sisters and other 'women in need'. I do torment myself about that 'every other day' as I said to one Sister just this morning.

And at the same time I need to own my Gratitude for my life at this moment. It is better than it has ever been; a safe and comfortable place to live, a steady income that provides what I need, the love and companionship of two wonderful women, and, most of all, a True and Noble Purpose, which is I honestly believe what all of the proceeding issues from.

My life had been full of pain and difficulty, but such has prepared me for the harsh times now upon us. I do my best to stay focused and not allow my impatience to distract me – and fail all too often.

That Sister I was IMing with this morning, she is a Goddess worshiping Witch in Istanbul, a tough life at the very least. We have known each other for close to two years. We were talking of 'things happening in The Goddess Good Time' and how that can summon moments of Madness and yet teach Wisdom and Patience. She told me how she is now 'more connected to Goddess' for her having to wait until we can bring her and her daughter here to The High Desert.

It is you, my Sisters, who give me my strength to keep going. And Goddess keeps bring you to my door, so I must have Faith and persevere.

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