Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harsh Realities

...comment exchange on Mass Democracy Has Failed [short form]...

[info]layo: "I used to think there was an uberclass of people with a shrewd plan running the world behind the scenes, but obviously not. My faith was not in democracy; I figured people who knew what they were doing secretly held the reins. So I'm disillusioned, but not the way most liberal types are."

Moi: "That's the 'comforting' aspect of all conspiracy theories. Shit may be bad, but at least someone is control. Such also allows some to just give up and merely bitch because the various proposed cabals are far too competent and omnipotent to ever be defeated.

However all Ruling Classes throughout history have had factions and said factions fluctuate in terms of relative power or even existence. In such a structure, 'master plans' are hard to put in place and the factional struggles become shortsighted.

We are obviously in such a phase right now. Short term financial gain has trumped all and The Republic is in disarray. The damage done since Reagan - and exacerbated by Bu$hCo - may be irreparable.

The harsh reality of my New Matriarchy is that is about creating a new uberclass, but one that is inherently stable and with a solid set of constructive long term goals backed up by a 'religious ideology'. I honestly believe that is the only way we shall survive as a species."

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