Saturday, July 31, 2010

The State of The Union

~The short version is “It's pretty well fucked.”

The slightly longer version this:

Corporate money, organization, and influence, for all intents and purposes, control all aspects of American life. And getting out from under that is well nigh impossible short of burning down the whole gaddam shithouse. [Disclaimer: a solution I do not support]

The Corporations have largely abandoned the GOP except as a weapon to terrorize the Democrats. The Dem's at least try to make Govt work, albeit tepidly. Corporations prefer Govt over Chaos. The latter is bad for business.

The GOP, thinking they had a lock on Majority from 2000 until Doomsday – which a number of them think is right around the corner – have gone utterly apeshit over this and are now proving that the Corporations were correct to pull back their support.

the Corporations have so plundered and debased The Republic that Chaos now appears the most probably outcome.

that, my Fellow Citizens, is just about that. You can go back to sleep now. We'll wake you up when it's time to die.

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