Thursday, June 17, 2010


~Personally, I am doing much better. [though The World seems to be going into the crappier faster than ever]

Some of those I care about have been put through various emotional meat grinders lately, but that shit gets me out of myself and into Support Mode, which almost always allows me to 'shake it off'. And I'm good at Support Mode, too, which also helps.

Plus yesterday I printed up a hard copy of The Explanation as in now stands and that was a very uplifting experience. That made the thing real for me in a way that on-line posts just do not, over one hundred 8&1/2x11 pages in a three ring binder that I can hold in my hands and flip through.

Call me 'old fashion', but I feel a physical book simply matters more.

I have already started messing around with the thing and can feel my juices flowing once again. I'm not going to 'push' it, but just let the work unfold between naps and such.

No news on any other fronts at the moment....

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