Saturday, June 5, 2010

In Which Nebs Shares Hopefulness With An Earnest Young Sister

~The article in question is The City that Ended Hunger. I had shared the link with her.

Earnest Young Sister :"That article you shared with me was truly inspiring, me and my mom both got bumps while reading it. I loved this quote in particular “I knew we had so much hunger in the world,” Adriana said. “But what is so upsetting, what I didn’t know when I started this, is it’s so easy. It’s so easy to end it.”

This quote says it ...all. The solutions to world wide issues that plague countless people, can be solved. All it takes is being open minded and thinking outside of the "social norm". I would love to see something like this to begin to spread and catch on. Please share anything like this with me I truly enjoy it and it is so inspiring!"

I replied: "I'm very pleased that this touched the both of you. As you can see from my posts below, I'm a rather cynical fellow. Part of that is from being a Nu Yawka, part from just paying attention. But this article also got to me. Maybe it's because I lived on the author's diet plan back in mid 70's San Fransisco.

As I read it, it did seem so simple...until I started thinking about the various 'business interests' who would raise holy hell if tried here, local franchises of Micky D's, KFC, etc, supermarket chains, and 'all enemies of Socialism'.

I worry about saying this to you. Your 'youthful enthusiasm' is a Good Thing, believe me. At your age I was already deeply cynical - more than I am now, amusingly enough - and busy running demonstrations against the Viet Nam War just because I 'enjoyed playing the game'. I had no belief in any real solutions at the time.

Maybe I can help you protect some of that 'youthful enthusiasm' by gifting you a few weapons out of my cynic's arsenal to ward off some of the disillusionment of the so-called real world? I know I greatly value the small stock of leftover hope I still maintain.

That said, what is then required is Action and a 'willingness to take blows'. Ask yourself carefully, “What I am I willing to do, and willing to lose, to live up to my ideals?” Upon that answer, everything rests."

It was a Good Moment and I did my best to honor her in an Authentic fashion.

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