Sunday, June 6, 2010

Facing The Page

~I haven't done anything on The Explanation for a week or so and I'm starting to get a little twitchy behind that. By my own deadline I got a bit under three months to finish it. But I also cannot put myself up against a wall with the thing. That strategy has always failed for me.

I suppose I should give myself a wee shove. I was just re-reading In Which Her Prophet Has a Moment Of Doubt and Pain and In Which Her Prophet Eats His Own Lunch and they both did sorta 'inspire' me to refocus.

Of course, in this avoidance, I have been scribbling long and detailed notes on The Imperium, almost every single day, too. The entire 'West African situation' suddenly came into sharp relief after some random web surfing. Funny how that works.

As for Project X, not a fuckin' peep outta that quarter in months. Just as well probably. It's marinading in my subconscious for now and when the time is right will likely come roaring out and sink its teeth into my ass. Oh, joy....