Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nebs Is A Cranky Old Man [x-posted from LJ]

~About a week ago, one of you [and they know who they are] conflated me with Jim Kunstler and stated baldly that I'm longing for Collapse, that it 'excites' me. Bluntly put, that is a crock of shit and likely a projection on the part of the speaker. By casting what I'm saying in the light of 'fetish', one can establish a paradigm of denial in the face of the very scarily undeniable, that in fact 'there IS a hard rain a-coming'.

I suspect that if I was able to let you into my thoughts directly – for instance my concern that almost everything in this house [and in yours, too btw] in the way of food and such is the product of some corporation and what's going to happen as the various supply networks that support these corporations hiccup and/or breakdown? Well, if I could let you in, I reckon a number of you would breakdown yourselves, some even to the point of suicide.

I cannot tell who would do what. Years in AA taught me that 'you never can tell' who will survive and who will not. The 'obvious' choices often surprised us all..in either direction.

The thing that does seem pretty obvious to me however is that, except for two who shall presently go unnamed, none of you here on my LJ Flist seem to have any What If Plan of any kind. Sure, maybe a few others are keeping quiet about having one, but over the years I have not gotten any hints at all of the like.

As best I can tell, each one of you is 'just going about your lives Business As Usual'. I'm not castigating any of you for that. The idea that things might come unglued to even a modest extent is very frightening when we are all so enmeshed in this Corporate Web. For the individual, there really nothing TO do except 'go about ones life Business As Usual'. Even becoming Grizzle Adams is a fantasy. Only an effectively organized community has any chance in the face of some of the things that could likely happen.

That is what I'm working on...which brings us back to the 'this gets Nebs excited' canard. The idea of Collapse some times keeps me from being able to sleep and often makes me sick with fear. I pray on a fairly regular basis that the thing will not be as bad as it could realistically get and that we have enough time to prepare ourselves to ride out whatever does come to pass and maybe, just maybe, have some positive effect upon what happens on the other side of the various events.

Sure, The Powers That Be might wake up and start to fix everything. And if you believe that, Let's Talk Real Estate. The way this whole BP oil spill on the Gulf is unfolding is a microcosm of the greater pattern taking place.

So, feel free to laugh at my plans. If we're very very very lucky, things 'won't be so bad' and I can happily go on being a cranky old man, which does rather suit me. Of course, if that's the entire foundation of your planing, well, I suppose you'll get what you deserve in the final outcome. /end rant

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