Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asked of The Archdruid:

"Regarding 'feudalism' etc, are you ever going to address the issues of violence, weapons ownership, and the need for personal and communal security that will come with the breakdown of the larger social order?" ...on his post After Money

He bunted: "Nebris, probably not; that's far and away the most overemphasized dimension of the entire subject of the Long Descent, and nothing I say is likely to have the least influence on the dogmatic and overemotional views on both sides of that hyperpolarized issue."

My response:
"I can understand your reluctance to get tarred with the brush of wild eyed Survivalism. Yet a significant portion of what you address here is, in fact, Survivalism, albeit of a sober and reasoned variety. And you are a Voice in this discussion, one that many listen to and respect.

So I would opine that having taken on that type of responsibility, it would behoove you to also address what is certainly going to be a crucial part of a post-industrial world. At the risk of indulging in the hyperbole you rightfully deplore, your influence – or lack thereof – could very well be a matter of life and death for some who are presently looking to you for advice and guidance"

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