Sunday, March 25, 2012


~I am tired and sad today. Nothing especially terrible has happened here. It's actually been a quiet and peaceful day more or less. It rained, which help me sleep. There's food in the fridge and the garbage is all out on the curb. It's comfy inside and I have crime drama saved on my desktop.

I'm tired from both the ongoing Housing Issue, which is still 'in process' and because I was tired when I did a WinCo run at three this morning. I was starting to lose it on my way back and dropped right into bed like two minutes after unloading the trucklette and was out cold for five hours.

I'm sad for more reasons than I can possible list...

Close to home, the Housing Issue is taking its toll on Le-Le. I can suck it up when it comes to myself, but seeing her go through that upsets me badly.

And then there is The World...

These types of hateful idiots seem endless. And the litany of evil is certainly not restricted to White Folks as this documentary/article on slavery in Mauritania shows. I could not watch/read more than a tenth of the thing.

I'm in that space where all I wish to do is hide in my room. I think, “Her fucking Prophet indeed. More like 'dinky dog of terror' as Bukowski used to say. You think you can change the fucking World, asshole? The fucking World will fucking crush you and break fucking your heart fifty fucking times while doing so.”


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