Saturday, March 3, 2012


~Been looking at a blank Open Office file on and off for about a half an hour or so. A lot has shifted in the last twenty four hours, but I don't want to talk about publicly, largely because of the 'jinx factor'. And yes, I'm superstitious. I'm a Witch for fuck's sake!

I did do a massive three day Cleansing of the house, burning a large amount of Cleansing Herbs. Raw desert sage. Powdered green sage. Frankincense. Lavender. The place was swathed in thick clouds of smoke three nights in a row. Even walked the burner around the outside of the house. Widdershins the first two nights as a Banishing, then Deiseal the last night for Protection and Prosperity.

We then took Mundane Action...and 'things began to change'.

All this is still 'in process', so pleased redouble your Good Thoughts and Prayers. Details will be forthcoming when the time 'feels right'. Blessed Be...

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