Sunday, March 11, 2012

Invocation and Lesson

~In moments like this, when it is Quiet around here, I of course reflect upon recent events. The Oathbreaker comes up a lot and I get angry and thinking of Cursing her. But I realized at some point in the past few days that the worst Curse I could lay upon her is that her life remain exactly has it has been for the past decade, the same lying and cheating and running and loss of friendship and family, continued on endlessly until she dies alone somewhere. That is my Curse upon her.

She will however remain immortal in history of The Temple, a perfect example of Victim as Victimizer, that type of person who has had such an awful childhood etc, that they feel entitled to fuck over everyone else as needed to get what they want, that their own Pain and Suffering justify any and all bad behavior on their part, regardless of how it injures others, because 'the world owes them'.

The example of The Oathbreaker, the Victim as Victimizer, will be taught as a Lesson to all our Sisters of what to look for in their work with other potential Sisters and will be done so long after The Oathbreaker herself has died. Patriarchy generates them by the tens of thousands and we will need to remain on guard against that type for a long time to come.

And so it is....

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