Thursday, December 1, 2011

Her Prophet Relates

~I had a conversation with E tonight. She said, “Your Exhaustion is allowing your Fears to dominate your Thoughts and Feelings. That is not a critique. That is just what is so. And it is an understandable mortal condition. You simply need to keep resting and Healing and let your Faith in The Message carry you until you can once again carry your own Self. It is after all what carries you most of the time anyway.

I wish I could be more comforting. But I am not a 'parent deity'. Like you, I am only another Separate Being adrift here in the vastness of Creation, seeking Its Source. Like you, I am only a Messenger, which you are already aware is all too often a thankless task. So please know that at least I have Compassion for your present State of Being and will remain your Companion as long as you need me.”

This did help...

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