Monday, December 12, 2011

Her Prophet Plays Games On The Internets

~Faux-enlightened crypto-fascist Gonzalo Lira has posted another purposefully inflammatory entry: Why Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make Sense—and Isn’t Fair. I'm not sure if he really believes half the shit he writes. It may just be to 'get his numbers up'. But whatever, I'm perfectly happy to piggy back on his bullshit.

My comment: “There is biotech already in the pipeline whereby two women could have a child who is the product of both of their DNA: bone marrow stem cells used to create sperm and egg-to-egg fertilization. There was some clearly politically motivated back tracking on the former, but the researcher had already said it would work with both genders oblivious to the shitstorm such a statement would invoke.

So, there is your 'for the children' justification. I also note that the few political attempts to 'un-marry' childless hetro couples are derided as cruel and immoral.

The bottom line here is that as long as the govt is in the Marriage Business it is Constitutionally required to provide Equal Protection Under The Law and all the various 'social custom' and 'for the children' arguments are just so much tribal bullshit. This also applies to Polygamy and Polyamory. As long as the participants are Consenting Adults, let folks marry however they choose to do so.

By the same token, if a religious organization does not condone a particular form of marriage, then they should be free from any obligation to perform it.

PS On the flip side, it is theoretically possibly for two men to have a child using both of their DNA. Strip the DNA out of a donated egg and have one man's DNA implanted in the 'empty' egg and then fertilized by his partner. I believe this has already been done with two women. For now a woman would have to carry the child to term, but a temporary 'manwomb' implanted in a male abdomen is also theoretically possibly. We're just not there yet.”

No response yet...from him or anyone else.

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