Sunday, December 11, 2011

Her Prophet Fixes The Maths

~So the screw up was not as bad as I thought. I'd only made a small error up front. I said that The Kalends of Primaria [the 1st] was Dec 27/Dec 28th on Leap Years in Addendum D [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]. That would start The Festival of The Turning on Dec 22nd. I guess I had a brāne fart because the latter starts upon The Solstice, which is almost always the 21st. [We're fixing it to that date to simplify matters]

I realized there was a problem a few days ago when I saw that Duonenia ended on Dec 20th. I did write out the entire thing – it's not as bad as it sounds – and found that somehow I had not transferred the mistake to the rest of the dating. That means I do not have to delete all the Matriarchal Calender entrees I've made so far. Whew!

I've gone back and corrected everything...and now I think I need a nap.

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