Thursday, August 18, 2011


~After I posted my lil missive this morning I ate some more, watched The Social Network and then went to sleep for ten and half hours. That has generally improved my state of mind. I'm still certain that Most Humans Are Vile Ignorant Scum [MHAVIS..pronounced Mavis lol], but right now I really don't care much. It's the Ability to Detach that is Key.

I had slept poorly the day before. That tends tax my emotional resilience. Combine that with my interaction with this crazy bitch and The Proof of MHAVIS seen in The Futility of The Hoi Polloi and I spiraled inward quickly once I descended to another level of tiredness.

I'm 'okay' at this point. Not 'back in the saddle', but not staring blankly at the walls either. And so it is...

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