Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nebs Sez

"No, Libertarianism isn't fine.

It's based upon the delusional mythology of Rugged [White] Individualism building America. It makes a lot of noise about The Pioneers 'doing it themselves' and ignores any facts that run counter to that notion, like the railroads being both Corporate Entities and Federally funded. Or the need for the US Army in dealing with the Plains Indians, the finest light cavalry in the world. Without the former most of those Rugged [White] Individualists would have wound up as bones bleaching upon The Great Grass Plain. Plus it's traditional heroes tend to be violent, alcoholic, gambling addicted, whore mongering sociopaths.

And this is not even getting into how much of American's economic foundations were built upon the scarred black back of slavery.

So fuck that Libertarian bullshit...and you can quote me on that shit, baby!" *raises clenched fist*

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