Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~Now that this immediate budget bullshit has passed – I say 'immediate' because this is only a single round; much more aggro is yet to come – and our third bit of gubmint money is in our account – believe me I checked as soon as I got up from my nap – my mind is once again allowing me some space to address The Explanation. Mercury's just gone Retrograde, so there's that, too.

First thing is that I'm planning to do is change the title of Part Six. It's been Stories and Works, which is the nature of the original concept, but, upon reflection, that's not actually what that chapter is. It's solely stories. I've had my face so close in the thing that I didn't really notice until now.

I'm thinking of going with “One Possible Future” because that is in fact what it this set of stories are. I plan to to write a few other versions down the road. Might as well be explicit about that up front.

But I'm going to cogitate upon that a little while – probably meaning a day at most - before I scurry all over the Internet retitling shit, Patience being my Primary Lesson this time around on The Wheel. /chomps at bit

Speaking of lack of Patience, I've posted the unfinished ”Korette” over at The Temple [click here]. I've been chipping away at it for three months or so and it's driving me batshit. By only posting it there I'm pretending I'm not letting impatience get the better of me. Addicts are expert at that type of self delusion. Sober ones are at least [mostly] aware that. It's sexually explicit btw.

I have more to say on all of that, but will save it for later.

I will say that 'this immediate budget bullshit' has
thoroughly confirmed my conclusions about the failure of Mass Democracy and underscored the need for Another Path. I'll quote myself: “Our choice as a species is either between the triumph of an essentially fascist Global Corporate Combine – which is pure Patriarchy – a path to near extinction as a species at best or total extinction at worst. Or the New Matriarchy as proposed by my Spirit Guide. That there are other paths is certainly possible, but none of them seem at all likely.”

And so I keep pushing myself....

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