Friday, June 10, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Just Says No

~This is an example of my own humanness, aka 'fallibility'.

I was just reviewing and reworking Part Two – The Temple's Metaphysics and was rereading the whole 'priesthood' thing regarding The Fourth Valance, to wit; “It is also the only Valence with 'political considerations'. E and I debated about the last line, “Priesthoods are always to be discouraged.” E wished it to read “Priesthoods are banned”, but I said that was too harsh at this moment and She deferred to 'my better knowledge of humans'.

However, one day The Fourth Valance will formally ban priests, as I do expect 'creeping priestism' to manifest sooner or later. That is why I mention this now as a clarification for the future.”

I read it twice and thought, “What a fucking load of equivocating horseshit! BAN those sons of bitches outright NOW or they'll worm their way through that loophole.”

See, I was feeling like 'gee, I don't want this to come off as Too Harsh' which is just my own doubts and fears undermining The Work. And in doing so I allowed myself to be weak and create a possible 'epistemological' shitstorm in the future; “Her Prophet didn't outright ban priests in The Temple, so why can't I be one?”

Well fuck you, my future trouble making brothers, 'cause now I have...and as per E.

So here's the deal: “Priesthoods are always to be banned.”

And so it pingititos.

...I'll make that change once I finish my full review and will post all the edits together...

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