Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~Random bits regarding Diplomatic Formality, the piece I just posted:

~It will go in Part Six [Far Future] in between “Riding The Loop” [unfinished] and “The Miracle of Birth Version 2.0”.

~I don't know if any of you caught it, but in the last sentence at the end of paragraph five [”He had loved her.”] I had first written ”I” instead of 'He'. That's me getting 'identified' with the character. That tends also to happen when I type the whole thing without any handwriting, something I never was able to do 'once upon a time'.

~I basically 'pulled it outta my ass'. It didn't exist at all two days ago, except as a couple of disparate concepts like the 'male to female' bio-tech idea. I woke up the other day and it was just 'there' and I ran with it.

This does give one indication of why I've been having trouble finishing The Explanation. These Stories of The Sisterhood are potentially endless. I've had to make the decision that the ones that I presently have either 'in process' or outlined are IT, at least for this First Edition. If I don't draw a line I could keep going for another five years!

And there you have it...for now.

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