Monday, April 26, 2010

Working on The Explanation

~I've started making progress with Part Four once again. Part of that is integrating both the Male Children essay and The Seed Dance into the thing, which also helps clean up the Addendum portion of The Explanation.

I also created a Blogspot which is is exclusively purposed for The Explanation, which you can
view here. That has helped in focusing and recontextualizing the project. [info]e_speaks is a little too diffuse for that purpose.

Put together a 'work book', a three ring binder with 'working copy', that is a tried and trusted tool that I had let slide these past few years. At the moment it also contains a copy of
Part Seven as that too needs to be reviewed in light of all the changes that now precede it.

And the 'religious tract' I was working on? Threw the whole thing out and started again from square one. Still mulling that one over. Stay tuned.

And so it is...

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