Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modulating The Message?

~I've been working on the 'religious tract' I mentioned last week and that led me back to A Few Thoughts On The Out-Breeding Of The Male. It was refreshing to read again after nearly four years. Her Prophet's Voice is Fierce, Relentless, and Uncompromising and reminded me that I have worried about becoming mealymouthed and having 'softened the message' in order to reach a wider audience.

I suppose the essential core of the Message itself is so intense and, in many ways, quite harsh, that dialing it back a wee bit to being with is maybe not such a bad idea. But such does bring up issues about being Authentic. That than gets measured against the feeling of intoxication I feel when I allow Her Prophet's Voice to emerge without restraint.

Despite what some have said, I am not unmindful of my own tendencies toward demagoguery. I am, after all, a True Male, and such a place is our natural habitat.

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